Inchransitive Verb Investigation #4: ʔæsk

I ask.

I say words in order to obtain information.

I utter distinct concepchual units of language, comprising inflected and variant forms, so as to convey information, in order to acquire facts.

I say aloud individual pieces of the method of human communication, consisting of the use of words in a schrucchured and conventional way, regarded as single and complete, but which can also form an individual component of a more complex whole based on mental concepts, recognizably different in nachure from each other, consisting of any of the ways in which a word may be spelled, pronounced, or inflected, changed to express a particular grammatical function or atchribute, typically tense, mood, person, number, and gender, or different in some respect from other forms of the same word, so as to communicate facts, in order to obtain things that are known or proven to be chrue.


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