Chranslation #3: Obichuary

sooner förrn only Assembly                                                                                                              betray meeting fear first first                                                                                                              understand understand                                                                                                              understand understand                                                                                                              decomposition conducted                                                                                                              experiments surprised                                                                                                                    advance predicts feet ketch                                                                                                               demolish old old old old                                                                                                                      quite street streets                                                                                                                     immediately gave the                                                                                                                   Secretary General with the                                                                                                               amount rifle went hand                                                                                                                       giving donors may have been                                                                                                               happy happy gloss glass                                                                                                                   happy joy forget me me me                                                                                                                  load floor boys boy boy good                                                                                                               spruce burial tomb seized                                                                                                                  arrest because the grass                                                                                                               weeping gray gray cry cry                                                                                                                       cry Green Green Man old


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