Chranslation #5

food while the average, but                                                                                                                    more and more sense the                                                                                                                    most gentle gentle my my my                                                     
                                      littlememory,memoryrecall,                                                                                                                    the at least the minimum                                                                                                                     minutes mead my mother                                                                                                                     Mother Courage morning                                                                                                                     clouds mouth very happy                                                                                                                    musical authority mighty                                                                                                                     men, women, makes people                                                                                                                     people people people notice                                                                                                                     marked champion measured                                                                                                                     objectives can be addressed                                                                                                                     meal Mon moon many many                                                                                                                     many dimensions can be                                                                                                                     combined effort possible                                                                                                                     murderer murderer dark dark                                                                                                                     dark dark dark face meeting                                                                                                                     met nude naked name

natural approaches name


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