Chranslation #6

particular they saw was so                                                                                                                loud sing songs that wound                                                                                                                 south search searching                                                                                                                 searched sleep sleep breaks                                                                                                                sons sons take thank thanks                                                                                                                thanksgiving consider taking                                                                                                                some time, the roof ceiling                                                                                                                speech TalkTalk thoughts                                                                                                                TalkTalk idea brave brave will                                                                                                                sign quiet temple temple                                                                                                                temple Testament text than                                                                                                                once at the beginning TIG                                                                                                                silence back to collect                                                                                                                property acting on the                                                                                                                combined hours permit                                                                                                                application hours Tingting                                                                                                                thing ten officials on duty,                                                                                                                  was service prompt twelve                                                                                                                empty empty empty top bar                                                                                                                near the tower stairs three


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