Inchransitive Verb Investigation #12: I circumlocute

I circumlocute.

I use many words where fewer would do in a deliberate attempt to be vague and evasive.

I employ a large number of single distinct meaningful elements of speech, used with others to form sentences, where a smaller number would suffice, in a conscious and intentional effort to be unclear and to avoid commitment and selfrevelation by responding only indirectly.

I make use of a quantity of the characteristic parts of the thoughtexpression and feelings by articulate sounds, having meaning, recognizably different in nachure from each other, and regarded as distinct from each other, of relatively great size, employed with others to constitute wordsets that are complete in themselves, where a quantity less great in number would be adequate, in a deliberate and intentional and deliberate and determined attempt to be ambiguous and to keep away from obligations that reschrict my actionfreedom, and revealing my motives inadvertently by saying only things avoiding exposition in reply.


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