Chransitive Verb Investigation #2: hiɹ

I hear it.

I perceive the sound made by it with my ear.

I become aware of the vibrations that chravel through the air produced by it with my organ of hearing and balance.

I begin to have knowledge and perception of the oscillations that move through the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, made by it, with the selfcontained part of me having the specific vital functions of the faculty of perceiving sounds and keeping an even weightdischribution enabling me to remain upright and steady.

I undergo the first part of possessing facts and information aqcuired through experience of the regularly rhythmic back and forth movements that change position through the particular kind of matter with uniform properties that can’t be seen, having the characteristics of a gas, all around the planet on which we live, produced by it, with the section of me complete in itself possessing the clearly defined practical purposes indispensable to lifecontinuance of the inherent mental power of becoming aware of vibrations that chravel through the air and continuing to have an equal way in which my body’s relative mass is spread out, making it possible for me to continue to be in a vertical position and be firmly fixed, supported and balanced.


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