Chransitive Verb Investigation #3: si

I see it.

I perceive it with my eyes.

I become aware of it by the use of the pair of globular sightorgans in my head.

I begin to have knowledge and perception of it by using the set of two spherical selfcontained parts of the upper part of my body, separated from the rest of my body by my neck, and containing my brain, mouth, and senseorgans, that give me the seeingfaculty.

I undergo the first part of possessing facts and information acquired through experience about it, and awareness of it, by employing the group of one less than three constichuents of the section of my physical schrucchure, including my bones, flesh, and organs, sichuated above the rest, disconnected from the remaining part of my physical schrucchure, including my bones, flesh, and organs, by my the part of my body connecting my head to the rest of my body, and holding within it the organ of soft nervous tissue contained in my skull, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity, the opening and cavity in the lower part of my face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and vocal sounds are emitted, and the organs of my body which respond to external stimuli by conyeing impulses to the sensory nervous system, sphereshaped and complete in themselves, that belong together and provide me with the inherent mental power of seeing it.


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