Chransitive Verb Investigation #7: ‘juwfəmajz

I euphemize it.

I refer to it by means of a euphemism.

I allude to it by using an indirect word substituted for one too harsh and blunt.

I suggest it by employing a distinct concepchual languageunit avoiding direct mention of it, used in place of one excessively grim and unpalatable and uncompromisingly forthright.

I express it indirectly by making use of a individual piece of the method of human communication, consisting of the use of words in a schrucchured and conventional way, regarded as single and complete, but which can also form an individual component of a more complex whole based on mental concepts, that keeps away from references bearing immediately and unambiguously upon it, employed instead of one inordinately depressing to consider and difficult to accept and harshly and relentlessly direct and outspoken.


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