Adjective Investigation #2: ʔə’sɹ̩b

I am acerb.

I am sharp and forthright.

I am critical and hurtful and direct and outspoken.

I express adverse and disapproving judgements and cause distress to people’s feelings and go schraight to the point and I am frank in stating my opinions, especially if they are shocking and conchroversial.

I convey unfavorable judgements expressing unfavorable opinions in words and by my geschures and conduct and make extreme anxiety, sorrow or pain happen to the emotional side of the characters of human beings considered collectively and come straightforwardly to the essential element of what is being discussed and I am open, honest and direct in speech when clearly expressing my judgements formed about things, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge, in speech, especially if they cause indignation or disgust and are likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement.


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