Adjective Investigation #4: pʰə’pʰæbɪɫɛj

I am papabile.

I am eligible to be pope.

I satisfy the appropriate conditions to be the Bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Catholic Church.

I adequately meet the suitable situations that must exist before it is possible for me to be the senior member of the Christian clergy, in charge of the diocese of the capital of Italy and of the Lazio region, situated on the River Tiber about twentyfive kilometers inland, and empowered to confer holy orders, as the person in charge of the part of the Christian Church which acknowledges the Pope as its head.

I satisfactorily satisfy the appropriate circumstancesets that must occur before it is achievable for me to be the highranking person belonging to the body of all people ordained for religious duties professing the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and its teaching, with overall responsibility of the district  the city that funtions as the seat of government and administrative center of a country in southern Europe and of the administrative district of west central Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, including the ancient region of Latium, built on the river of central Italy upon which Rome stands, approximately one more than four more than ten less than thirty metric units of measurement equal to onethousand meters towards the interior of the country, under my pastoral care, and have been given the authority to grant sacred ranks in the Christian ministry as the human being with overall responsibility of the section of the organization professing the teachings of Christianity with its own clergy, buildings and distinctive docchrines, which accepts the legitimacy of the Bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Church as its leader.


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