Chranslation #32

fresh fresh ex wife fruit fear fruit                                                                                                          lady salvation saved stranger                                                                                                          stranger mainly relatives of the                                                                                                          issue to challenge the joy lady                                                                                                          quite fully complete all four                                                                                                             areas were found pine box                                                                                                             prison trip trip Travel ready                                                                                                             color mount bracket on bird                                                                                                             birds prisoner prisoner captivity                                                                                                             may be born born born born                                                                                                            birth birthday little follow                                                                                                            followed following window box                                                                                                             appeared followed to obtain                                                                                                             forgiveness yesterday prohibits                                                                                                            unions account before goods                                                                                                             are imported rules perish                                                                                                             destroy proclaim admonishes                                                                                                             admonition admonitions deny                                                                                                             know                                                                                                                            


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