Noun Investigation #7: ʔɑpɹ̩’ɛjʃn̩

An operation is a process in which a number, quantity or expression is altered or manipulating according to formal rules.

An operation is a series of steps taken in order to change an arithmetic value expressed by a word, symbol or figure representing a particular quantity and used in counting and making calculations, an amount, or a collection of symbols that jointly express a quantity in a manner conforming to conventionally recognized explicit laws or principles.

An operation is a number of actions coming one after another performed in order to make an algebraic term relating to arithmetic represented by marks used as a conventional representation, standing for a particular component expressed in numbers and employed in reciting numbers in ascending order and composing mathematical determinations of amount, a quantity, or a group of characters used as conventional representations that represent an amount together, different, in a way complying with clearly stated rules defining correct procejures or fundamental propositions sercing as the foundation for a chain of reasoning, officially regarded as valid, in accordance with what is generally done.


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